The only good kind of meditation is the kind you do.
— Ven. Myong-Ahn Sunim, Soshima Zen Center, NJ

If you have never meditated or find it difficult, try these tips:

Find a quiet space

Start by sitting in silence in a quiet space. I know it is tempting to listen to music or be guided by a teacher.  But try to be alone with your own thoughts, even if only a few minutes. Remember to turn off or mute your phone before you begin. Also, sit up when you meditate, either on a pillow on the floor or in a straight-back chair. The goal of meditation, if there is one, is to be awake. So don’t lie down because you might just go to sleep. Try to sit upright in silence.

Start small

When you first start to meditate, start small. Set a timer for about five or ten minutes. And remember, there is no goal with meditation. The point is just to be in the present moment with your own thoughts, as wild as they are. Meditation is a learned skill, and like most types of learning, it takes practice and time. So don’t force yourself to sit for hours, trying to meditate. You don’t want to get frustrated and quit all together. Do it for a few minutes and then get up and go about your business. No regrets. After you do it for awhile, you won't be so distracted and anxious about time. You will realize what you already know -- the past does not exist and neither does the future. The only moment is this one right now.

Don’t try to not think

You can either meditate with others or do it alone. Doing it with other people is good because it keeps you quiet and focused. But you can always do it alone. Indeed, you can meditate anywhere with anyone and at any is totally portable. Mostly remember that there is no “right way” to meditate. There is no perfect posture, no perfect breathing technique, nor are there perfect thoughts. And don't try to NOT think. It is impossible and so don't even think about it! 

Now you just have to sit down and do it!