Help us help others!

Now that we know MAP Training does help people with depression, anxiety and trauma, we want to make it available to anyone and everyone. We have a trademarked program with a video manual. We are also offering in person classes for small groups as well as individuals. We are ready to help YOU learn how to MAP Train your brain. But we are also asking you to help us help others.

Please give what you can. Every penny helps!

Our goal is to raise 10K by June of 2019. We need funds to offer the manual, train and pay the instructors, and provide classes. We want to provide our program to local clinics and health facilities, as well as shelters, residential treatment centers and outpatient clinics. We just finished a class in October for the Rutgers Community, which was well-received. This year, we are offering MAP to women and men who were maternally infected with HIV. So we are busy, despite limited resources. If you happen to have resources, please help us help others. Just click on GoFundMe so we can get MAP Training out into the world.



Shout-outs to our generous donors

Very special thanks to: 

  • Roberto Gilli

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