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Our goal now is to make MAP Training available to anyone and everyone. We have a “manualized” program and train the trainer program for small groups as well as individuals. We are ready to help you learn how to MAP Train your brain.

Please help us get it out there.

Most importantly, help us help women and men who suffer with trauma memories.

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Federal funding is harder to get because of government budget cuts. That makes our job as scientists harder! We have already shown positive benefits of MAP Training (through scientific evidence) and want to provide it for others to do.


Our goal is to raise 60K by the end of 2018. We are currently developing a company which can provide MAP Training to others in the local community and beyond.

We need funding to market the program, train and pay the instructors, and provide demonstration classes. These classes will hopefully soon be held at local gyms and fitness centers, as well as shelters, residential treatment centers and outpatient clinics. We are organizing a large-scale class for this September and will need several thousand dollars to make this happen. This demonstration will show newcomers how to do MAP Training and educate them about their brains and bodies. Updates on this free event will be posted on our GoFundMe page.

Please donate to our GoFundMe project and help us get MAP Training out in the world. 



Your donation through GoFundMe allows us to provide classes and teach others about the brain benefits of MAP Training.

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Tell your friends and family about MAP Training by emailing our website. If you know someone who is in crisis, please get them professional help ASAP. 


We are grateful for all donations, as they support our project to spread MAP Training to everyone.

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