Watch this video to learn about MAP Training.


MAP Training My Brain is a brain fitness program developed by neuroscientist Dr. Tracey Shors. It was designed to maximize brain health by exercising the brain and heart at the same time. MAP Training begins with 20 minutes of silent sitting meditation followed by 10 minutes of slow walking, and ending with 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. It does not matter how you exercise as long as you get your heart rate up to 60% of your maximium. Also, the order of activities is important and easily remembered as: SIT --- WALK --- SWEAT

People who do it twice a week for eight weeks have greater brain activity along with less depression and anxiety. They ruminate less about the past and feel better about who they are now. The combination of meditation and aerobic exercise is also better than doing either activity alone. All in all, MAP Training is a great way to keep your brain fit for life!

And it only takes one hour!